Aerospace Changfeng signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jiangsu Huanya



On December 15, Aerospace Changfeng and Jiangsu Huanya Medical Technology Group Co., Ltd. signed a strategic plan for in-depth cooperation in the promotion of high-end medical equipment, hospital information construction, industrial cooperation, joint construction of collaborative innovation platforms, and achievement transformation. Cooperation Agreement. Zhang Shouzhi, Chairman of Aerospace Science and Industry Private Equity Fund Management (Nanjing) Co., Ltd., Meng Xudong, Vice President of Jiangsu Huanya Medical Technology Group Co., Ltd., and his party, Su Zihua, President of the company, Liu Dajun, Secretary of the Board of Directors and Vice President, Director of the Aerospace Department of the Corporate Development Department of the company headquarters Relevant leaders and personnel from Feng Medical and Changfeng Technology attended the meeting.


At the signing ceremony, the two parties conducted full discussions and exchanges on in-depth cooperation. Su Zihua said that as my country's aging population deepens and against the background of new policies and new requirements for independent research and development and R&D innovation, both parties should give full play to their respective advantages in industrial development, innovation collaboration, brand value and other aspects, and strengthen business cooperation and marketing channels. Cooperation and development in many fields such as , market network, and industry promotion.


Meng Xudong is full of expectations for in-depth cooperation with Aerospace Changfeng, hoping to deepen exchanges and cooperation between the two parties at all levels and in all fields, and jointly promote the application and development of high-end medical equipment clean engineering in medical institutions.


Both parties stated that they will jointly promote in-depth cooperation in the "1+5+1" model. Carry out an overall cooperation in the construction of smart hospitals; carry out supporting cooperation in five special projects: agency sales of medical equipment, collaborative supporting of medical equipment, joint construction of clean projects, collaboration in the field of emergency power related products, and collaborative cooperation in the field of hospital security; promote the transformation of results and application demonstration platform cooperation. In the future, both parties will accelerate the comprehensive implementation of strategic cooperation and work together to provide better and more convenient medical and health services to society and the people.

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